Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gunman wearing Bush mask arrested at St. John's

What in the world would possess a student to walk around in a mask with a gun? Did he want to get caught?

A gunman wearing a George Bush mask and toting a single-shot rifle was arrested at St. John's University Wednesday afternoon thanks to the quick work of a police cadet, officials said. The incident triggered fear but no injuries on the Queens campus, and no gunshots were fired, police said.


Officers spent the afternoon scouring the campus, going building to building. Police also searched the Jackson Heights, Queens home of the 22-year-old suspect, identified by police as Omesh Hiraman, who appears to be a student.

Police say an off-duty police cadet who attends St. John's, Christopher Benson, 21, saw Hiraman walk past at approximately 2:30 p.m. wearing the mask and a black hoodie.

Kimberly Forrest, 18, from Central Islip says she was on her way to Marillac Hall for a class, when she also "saw a guy walking in my direction wearing a white mask".

"I thought it was strange that a person was wearing a hoodie and a mask".

Benson noticed the suspect was carrying a black plastic bag with what appeared to be a rifle sticking out, and contacted police.

Benson followed Hiraman to Marillac Hall, police say, where a university guard who was responding to calls of a suspicious male grabbed the rifle from Hiraman after a struggle. The weapon was a Wolf, .50 caliber breech-loading black powder rifle.
I have to say it's going to be really difficult to let my baby go to college in a couple years. I think I'm going to be pushing for Rutgers :-)