Saturday, August 04, 2007

Are atheists the newest victim class?

Allahpundit has a good point about the atheists' new campaign to out themselves:

...all that’s missing is an irritating, consciousness-raising chant. “We’re here, we’re … not crippled by superstitious fear, get used to it”? Doesn’t flow. “We doubt, we’re out, get used to it,” maybe? Alas, nothing rhymes with “skeptical.”

Here’s the homepage, which marks a new stage in the transformation of “new atheism” from rational argument to aggrieved identity group. Starting with the clumsy borrowing from gay rights slogans in a transparent attempt to appropriate the mantle of persecution and ending with Dawkins’s letter, which concludes with a dopey exhortation to throw atheist “coming out” parties, darned if he isn’t going to have himself a capital-m Movement whether or not there’s a pressing need for it.

I think he's named that quality that I noticed reading some of the atheists' blogs.

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