Monday, August 06, 2007

FBI: No known link to terrorism?

There's a bomb, there's bomb making material and there's chemicals and two Middle Eastern men who are not citizens. Yet the FBI says there is "no known link to terrorism."

Two men are being held in the Berkeley County Detention Center after police find explosive making devices in their car. The quantity of explosive making materials in that vehicle is unclear. The FBI (website) reports that there is no known link to terrorism. The Berkeley County Sheriff's Office believes that among materials in the car's trunk were a bomb and bomb making materials that include chemicals, fuses, and igniters. The men 21-year-old Yousef Megahed and 24-year-old Ahmed Mohamed were pulled over Saturday evening during a routine traffic stop near Myers Road and Highway 176. Few details about the suspects are known at this time. They are believed to be students at a Florida college. They are of Middle Eastern descent and are not US citizens.

Not only does the FBI say there's no known link to terrorism they dispute there's a bomb:
But federal officials disputed that account, telling CNN that there was no bomb.

And FBI spokesman Richard Kolko told CNN, "We have not found a clear link to terrorism."
But wouldn't a bomb squad know what a bomb looks like?
The Charleston County bomb squad responded, and traffic was halted along the road for 10 hours until the materials were detonated, reporter Venton Blandin of CNN affiliate WCIV said. He described the sound of the detonation as "fairly small."