Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Finally, a smoking gun on Beth!

Here it is Michele,
Finally a reformed voice crying out in the desert about Beth!
She is reviewing Beth's book "Believing God". I think the reviewer said it well when she surmises that Beth encourages us to "to add human effort to what God has already done in the cross of Christ, even when it's called believing God or faith. Faith in Jesus Christ is a saving grace, whereby we receive and rest upon him alone for salvation. Everything else is of grace in the Christian experience, too, thanks be to God."

I hope you have time to read the entire article, despite all your hermeneutics "reading".

BTW, I just prayed for you that you would be diligent to complete your reading and stop procrastinating!

Another BTW, I just finished my Art History class today! (In case some of you didn't know, I'm going to college, finally!!) Anyway, I had my final exam today. I think I aced it.