Friday, January 27, 2006

The Fruit of Procrastination

Of course I always wait to the last minute and last night was no exception. Samantha kept saying to me, "Mommy, you need to read. You need to do your work. If you don't do your work, you are going to regret it." (Could Samantha be a prophet like her namesake?)

Of course I did not listen and I told her to leave me alone or she would be punished. "Leave me alone. I will do it when I finish this game of Zuma."

"Mommy, you are such a Zuma-head."

This morning I really wished I had listened to her since I decided to put off editing and printing my Bible study until this morning.

"I think I will drop you off at the cafeteria if we get to school early."

"Oh no! Don't do that!" They hate being dropped off at the cafeteria since it means waiting around until school starts and then walking further to their classes (with their backpacks).

"But I have to get home and edit and printout my Bible study. You can walk from the cafeteria. Don't you think it is important that I get ready for my study."

Then Samantha and Sarah in voices dripping with self-righteousness and condemnation state that I should have prepared last night instead of waiting until this morning. They had no sympathy for me.

Back at the house I was able to quickly make the editing changes before it was time to leave. I was under a time crunch because I had to give the lecture before the discussion groups since my daughters had a half day at school. I hooked up the USB cable to print the slides and the questions for the Bible study. I forgot to turn the printer on and when I did, Windows rejected my USB device and then I got the blue screen of death because I was trying to insist that it use the printer that it has been using since I got this laptop (and with the laptop before this one). I restart the system and it still refuses to accept the printer, so I gave up and packed up the computer in my laptop bag (which I very highly recommend, BTW) and rushed off to my Bible study. As I am driving, I realize that the printer may not be working because I finally installed my new scanner/printer software (which I got when I got this computer in September) and it was probably experiencing a driver conflict. Of course if I hadn't been procrastinating I would have realized all this last night instead of today (or months ago when I bought the scanner).

The fruit of my procrastination? No handouts for the women, I had to read off the monitor because I didn't have a handout, no questions for next week and now I have more work because I have to email the questions and the notes. Will I learn? Of course not, I know I need to read for seminary and yet I played Zuma when I got home today. But ending on a note of hope, I did write this post today instead of next week.