Saturday, January 21, 2006

My Busy Day and Impending Doom

I had planned on writing at least one new post a day but I was really busy yesterday. I got my daughters ready for school, drove 45 minutes each way to school, edited the notes and questions for my Bible study, drove to the church, battled with the copier, taught Judges 10, had lunch with some of the ladies from the study at the Olive Garden, drove an hour(traffic) to pick up my daughters, took Sarah, my daughter, to the dentist, came home and cleaned, and then I went out to dinner with my friend Linda to a local Thai restaurant. This is why I say in my profile that I'm a stay at home mom who never stays home!

Next week is the last week I will be teaching the Bible study because I had a scheduling conflict with school. I had to take a hermeneutics class that is the gateway to the rest of my classes at seminary so there was no putting it off. Oh, the best laid plans of mice and men! I had schemed to make sure that I had scheduled my study on a day that I thought would be relatively free from classes but alas, it did not work. When I first saw the winter schedule and realized that I would not be able to teach, I cried and unfortunately I was in my Church in the Modern Age class at the time. I was a little upset over the fact that I had spent my entire summer writing the Judges study and now I had to hand it over to another teacher. I think I will miss teaching but will probably appreciate the break. My reading schedule is going to be brutal this semester.

I am a very slow reader and I think that I must have ADD. My mind wanders while I read and I can think of a thousand things that need to get done while I am reading. It takes me an hour to read ten pages. I know that I will have to read my hermeneutics professor's book by the second week of class and yet I am only on page 34! I have been trying to read it since Christmas. I also had to read some books to get ahead of the curve for my Doctrine of Salvation II class and I haven't even started them and the start of seminary is fast approaching but I will not be prepared. I feel like the heroine from the silent era of films who is tried to the train tracks and sees the train approaching but can't free herself from the ropes before she meets her impending doom.

BTW, in case you were wondering hermeneutics is "the science that teaches us the principles, laws, and methods of interpretation." This is a quote from one of the books I have to read for hermeneutics, Principles of Biblical Interpretation by Louis Berkhof. Here is a link to the books I have to read for hermeneutics and here is one for my Doctrine of Salvation II. Notice that for my Salvation class there are two pages of books to read. The professor told me that there would probably be 2,000 pages of reading and yet knowing that I still procrastinate.