Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How will the left spin the victory in Iraq...

That is clearly unfolding before our eyes? After trying to stop Bush from sending extra troops, trying to pull all troops except for the ones who would stay on their bases and occasionally fight al-Qaeda and denying them the funds to fight the war not only in Iraq but in Afghanistan as well, how can they claim that they had any part in this victory? You know they'll find a way, just read the comments to this post to see just how they'll try to spin it.

The US military accomplished their job despite the dereliction of duty by Congress and the besmirching of Petraeus and his plan. They'll try to spin it but we all know the truth because we have witnessed the actions of the Democrats as they have fought very hard for an entire year to end this war. Thankfully, the Republicans in the Senate were able to defeat their attempts to surrender in Iraq and that allowed Petraeus the ability to fight the war and for the military to train enough Iraqis to takeover when they eventually leave (as has been the plan since this war began).

So, spin away you lefties! It won't do you any good, nobody's buying it