Monday, November 26, 2007

Huckabee turns water into wine

Here is a positively glowing article about Huckabee but it starts with this rather odd story:

Mike Huckabee was never about fire and brimstone. As a preacher, he was buoyant. The first time he took to the pulpit, as a 16-year-old preaching on a Sunday night, he turned water into wine. Sort of.

"He had a clear bottle of water, a gallon jug of water, and he turned it red," said Don Still, who grew up with Huckabee in the small city of Hope, Ark. "He talked about how God cleanses our soul. He was probably in the 11th or 12th grade, and he was probably taking chemistry and learned it in chemistry."

Science or miracle, Still was impressed. Looking back now, Still said he knew then that Huckabee - or Mike, as he seems to be known to everyone in Arkansas - was destined for politics, "a born leader."

Huckabee himself said he'd thought about becoming a politician since he was a boy. But he gave up that notion when he became a Baptist preacher.

"I couldn't see, in my mind, any pathway from the pastorate to political office," said Huckabee, who began preaching full time when he was 25.

Turning water into wine? Who says there's no such thing as a political savior?

BTW, the God-o-Meter has been stuck at 9 for Huckabee, I certainly think that a candidate who turns water into wine deserves to be a perfect 10.

I just noticed that he is now a 10 on the God-o-meter for this (his new ad called Believe). He certainly deserves the 10 for the amount of brandishing he does of his Christian credentials. And he also pushes the fact that he's for the Human Rights Amendment, if he's for it why did he say this?