Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Jeri Thompson explains why the polls don't matter

Jeri Thompson uses Fred's line about President Dean.

INGRAHAM: Nationally, Fred is trailing by about nine points in one of the major polls. In New Hampshire...

THOMPSON: Which makes him — which makes him second.

INGRAHAM: Which makes him second. In Iowa, he's in fourth place. And he's in sixth place in New Hampshire. 29 points in New Hampshire behind Romney. My question is, are you surprised about those numbers? And do you worry that he got in too late at this point and that's why this — not the traction maybe that you would have hoped for at this point?

THOMPSON: No. I think, you know, first off, most folks right now are worried about probably packing their bag right now and filling their car up with gas. They're just going to start taking a — taking a look at the candidates and taking a look at the issues here. And you know, some candidates have spent, you know, upwards of $60 million.

They've been on — I know one of the candidates has been on for over two months, you know, spending about $1 million a week. That buys — it buys a lot of attention, but it doesn't necessarily buy you the vote at the end. You can — you know, at this point, at the — in the election, last cycle around, Howard Dean was expected to win. John Kerry was sort of written out. And you can ask President Dean at this point, you know, if things are fluid and things change.

This is a snapshot. And Fred...

INGRAHAM: We're getting close, though. We got six weeks to go. We're getting up there.

THOMPSON: We got six weeks, but look what Fred — look what Fred Thompson has come out with in the last couple of weeks, the most detailed immigration plan. The strongest immigration plan of any of these guys out there. He has not been running since he's been in high school. But what he does have and what "The National Review" called, you know, setting a standard on Social Security reform, saving Social Security, Fred Thompson's plan. I haven't seen anybody else's.

INGRAHAM: Well, it's very specific. And "National Review", I think, did give him major props for that.
It's a good point and one we should all keep in mind going into January. I remember there was a lot of disappointed Deanics when their guy tanked. I would hate to see any disappointed Paulians, Huckaberries and Clintionans (or more likely Obama..ur..voters -- what cute name do they have?).