Thursday, November 29, 2007

Did you miss the GOP debate last night?

If you did, you might want to read Jim Geraghty's excellent posts on the debate as he liveblogged it (sorry, too many to link to, just scroll down). I felt like I actually saw it (I was writing my exegesis paper during the debate).

BTW, he now believes that it was a waste of time for the candidates to participate:

Before this debate, I was in Patrick Ruffini’s camp, in that I thought a YouTube debate was worth trying. But afterwards, I’m skeptical that this needs to turn into a new campaign tradition. The freakishly-bizarre-to-valuable-question ratio was all out of whack, much worse than the Democratic debate, I would contend.

And I would have liked to see a Republican candidate rip into CNN for using a cartoon that mocked the sitting Vice President to ask a question. I don’t care if his approval rating is at 2 percent, you don’t mock the number two man in government as a power-hungry paranoid snoop at a GOP debate. You just don’t.
Big surprise! I never thought the debate was a good idea. I think it demeans the office of the president.

Update: I fixed the link.