Monday, November 26, 2007

Michelle Malkin's “Posterizing” the Democrat Party contest

I've been too busy with my exegesis paper to keep up with my favorite blogs but I just noticed that Michelle Malkin has been running a Posterizing the Democrat Party contest as a goof on the HuffPost Posterizing the Modern GOP contest. Here is one of the finalists and my personal favorite:

I like this one as well:But she has a ton of other really funny posters, so go check them out if you haven't seen them yet.

What's so funny about the Huffington campaign is how backward it is:

The result is three powerful posters that simply but graphically capture the lunacy of the modern GOP. "Here is my thinking," Silverstein told me, "What if we could TiVo the last six-plus years and play them back - without comment -- for the American people, and let them connect the dots? It's not a pretty picture." Silverstein's take away message is uncluttered and direct: "Haven't we had enough? Democrats '08."
Go check out the posters, they are all related to Bush. Don't they realize that's so Maginot Line! They're fighting against an enemy they will not be facing in 2008. Thompson didn't have anything to do with the things listed on the posters, neither did Romney, Huckabee, or Giuliani. Their "modern GOP" is actually the old GOP. They better learn to fight the enemy they have, not the one they're fixated on.