Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Edwards and Gingrich Oppose Immigration Bill

I can't believe that I actually agree with Edwards on something:

Edwards said he preferred to respond in the context of the immigration bill that has been considered by the U.S.Senate. While Edwards said the bill clarifies the laws on immigration, he does not think the bill creates a practical path to citizenship for immigrants, which is what he would like to see.

Emphasizing that he does not favor amnesty but “earned citizenship,” Edwards said he is opposed to any measure that creates “a first-class group of citizens and a second-class group of laborers. This is what results from the current bill .”

“I think there should be fines if they came here illegally, and, this is the controversial part, I think they should learn to speak English,” Edwards said.

Edwards said he favors a much tougher stance on those employers in the United States who knowingly hire, and in many cases, abuse illegal immigrants. His latter statement, as well as that on requiring new immigrants to speak English, drew applause from the town meeting crowd.

Also, interesting new ad by Gingrich against the bill: