Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Just when you think it can't get any worse...

It does! Bush has sunk to a new low in my estimation. I know that the liberal reader will be thinking that he past that point years ago but since I'm a supporter of the war on terror I don't agree. When you agree with his policy his drive and determination can be viewed in a good light but when you disagree with it he can appear to be stubborn, pig-headed and arrogant. And you just want to yell at him and tell him to wake up and listen.

It was bad enough that he pushed for prescription drugs and that he failed to push for Social Security reform (which he campaigned on) but now to fight for amnesty at the expense of border security in such a way as this is just too much to take:

The so-called “clay pigeon” procedure is unusual, and I would not have considered employing it in this instance without the full support of Senator McConnell. It seems to me appropriate for the two leaders to work together to overcome the tactics of a small number of Senators in order to allow the full Senate to debate an important national issue like immigration. The White House made clear that it also favors such a procedure, since the immigration bill is one of President Bush’s top priorities.
Who said that? Reid in response to a letter sent to him by five GOP senators who requested that he not use the "clay pigeon" procedure and allow real debate on the bill. Bush wants this so bad that he will try to ram it down the throats of the GOP senators despite the clear hostility that the bill has generated among their constitutes. Many of the senators know that the bill is opposed by those on both the left and the right. They know because their phones have been ringing off the hook, their fax machines have been spitting out paper for days and they are being excoriated by Limbaugh, Hannity, Hewitt, Ingraham and many more across the radio dial and have been the subject of many posts across the blogosphere.

These senators know that if they don't stand up to this, they are going to face primary challenges in 2008 and beyond (don't think that we will forget because we won't). They know that the conservative pundits are predicating that this will tear apart the Republican base and make the turnout of 2006 look good in comparison. But Bush doesn't care about their re-election chances or the party, evidently he only cares about Mexico and what that government wants.

And what makes this all the more annoying is that if Bush had enforced the laws already on the books over the last six years he's been in office, immigration wouldn't be this out of control.

How many days until he's out of the White House?

(And you know what? The liberals might have something there about that smirk. It can be a little annoying!)

Updated to add a video: Ouch! Call these senators.