Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Muslim rapes an Iraqi refugee for reading the Bible

I guess there is nothing worse than a convert? Raping and committing adultery is OK, but reading a Bible and expressing an interest in Christianity isn't?

A MAN who raped a Muslim woman because she showed an interest in Christianity has been jailed for at least five years by a Sydney court.


The woman had been reading the Bible and Al-Shawany noted her contact with Christians.

The men told her they were "infidel people" and if she went with them, her killing "would be halal" - meaning her killer would go to heaven.

In September 2002, Al-Shawany lured the woman to a unit at Warwick Farm, claiming to have news about her family in Iraq.

She was hit on the head and had her hijab tied around her face before Al-Shawany raped her twice in what Judge Brian Knox described as a degrading, humiliating and brutal attack.

Afterwards Al-Shawany told her: "Let your Christ benefit you now".

It took the jury less than half an hour to convict him of two counts of sexual intercourse without consent.

His victim - who has since converted to Christianity - wept at the back of the court as a friend read out her victim impact statement.

She said she was afraid she would be killed, either in retribution by Al-Shawany's family or in an "honour killing".
Since Islam is considered the same faith of the prophets of the Bible, then shouldn't it be acceptable to read them?

And now this woman has to live in fear that her family will kill her because she was raped. Why would anyone think that God would want that?