Friday, June 29, 2007

PBS Democrat Debate Video: Joe Biden on AIDS Prevention

It is absolutely amazing to me that the black community isn't up in arms over Joe Biden's condescending remarks on AID prevention. How is it not insulting for him to say that there is a neglect of the "white community to educate the black community" and that he went to rallies to educate the black men that it's OK to wear a condom and telling women that it's OK to say no. How is that not insulting, condescending and patronizing? In today's society, who doesn't know that AIDS is spread through unprotected sex? Does he think these guys don't know what they're doing? I suspect that the reason kids today (all of them, not just blacks) have unprotected sex is that they don't think it will happen to them. Do they really need some old white guy telling them what they already know?

BTW, notice how he edits out Obama's comment about why he was tested. It seems like Edwards isn't the only one using creative editing.

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