Monday, June 25, 2007

Manufacturing Cities in China

If you haven't seen the pictures of the manufacturing cities of China at Wired News, go look at them. They're amazing! The sheer volume of the workforce in China is overwhelming. It's no wonder we can't compete.

Since they have no environmental laws, workforce requirements and no concern about the products they produce they will be able to be the manufacturer of the world.

"Taiwan said 'we're going to become the semi-conductor manufacturer for the world' and now they ultimately produce 50 percent of the world's semi-conductors; Japan said we're going to make cars and electronics and they've become dominant in the world in those two fields.

The difference with China is that they have no such strategy, they're just saying 'wherever there's money, we're going to do it.' They produce 90 percent of the world's Christmas ornaments and they're not Christians, they don't even know what they're for or what they represent, but they make them because we buy them. They don't care what they're making as long as we buy it."

Maybe American companies should figure out a way to market quality over quantity. I bet they will find people like me who are willing to pay more for a better product. Unfortunately, I can't find products made in America to buy. I deliberately set out to buy a handbag made in America a few years ago and had a very hard time. I finally bought a Stone Mountain, paying double what I could have paid just because it wasn't made in China.