Friday, June 29, 2007

PBS Democrat Debate: Biden on the achievement gap

Why does he say that blacks start school with a disadvantage? He says, "We do not give single mothers in disadvantaged homes the opportunities that they need in order to know what to do to prepare their children." Then he goes on to talk about how children develop vocabulary when their mom talks to them. He seems to imply that "disadvantaged" moms aren't doing that and need to be educated.

What does he think is the role of the federal government? How does the federal government "educate" moms to talk to their kids? Why should the federal government tell a mom how to raise her children and why would he think that she doesn't know how to raise her kid? The whole response struck me as patronizing, as if the "disadvantaged" don't know anything and need the big, white liberal to come in and tell them how to raise their child. How about the local government provide a better education for their children? How about giving the parents a choice as to where they educate their child? How about the schools force parents who aren't involved to get involved in their child's education? How about they teach the kids at the kindergarten level and up the importance of staying in school? All of these things should be handled at the local level, not the federal level.