Friday, July 20, 2007

Anti-War Fringe Smears Petraeus

Much ado going on over the fact that General Petraeus was interviewed by Hugh Hewitt the other day.

Hugh responds to the smear campaign:

I and the vast vast majority of listeners/readers are grateful that General Petraeus made time at the end of a very long day for the interview, a day which is nowhere near the end of his three plus years of tremendous service in Iraq and thirty years of service and sacrifice on behalf of the country. I hope he continues to agree to appear on any show or to be interviewed by any blogger or journalist –left, right, or center-- who will treat him with respect and fairness. I hope the same thing for other senior military and civilian officials engaged in fighting the war. Allowing the know-nothing, anti-intellectual fringe to block the flow of information to the American public via invective, slander and scorn that would be to keep the best, most compelling testimony from the public at a time when they need it most [italics added, mine].
I could not agree with Hugh more. We need more, unfiltered information.

Seems to me, any suggestion that the surge just could be showing signs of progress in Iraq invites scorn and character assassination from the anti-war fringe.