Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pelosi promised that July would be a month of action in the Congress to end the war in Iraq"

But can't decide what to do next:

Late last month, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi vowed July would be a "month of action in the Congress to end the war in Iraq."

But so far, the House has considered only one Iraq measure this month, a troop withdrawal resolution, and Democratic leaders are still mulling the next steps.

"It's unclear what's going on now," said an aide to a liberal Democrat. "We haven't been told what the next vote will be or when it will happen."


This week, there will be no action on Iraq as the House considers appropriations bills and House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer has said that an Iraq vote next week is only "possible."

That leaves the week of July 30, the last week before the scheduled August recess, for protest votes on the war. The House will likely consider the defense appropriations bill that week, a prime vehicle for Iraq measures.
Do you think that this might be one of the reasons Congress' poll numbers are at an all time record low? They promise action and don't deliver. The left want them to do more and the right is tired of what they're doing.