Friday, July 20, 2007

Political, it's all political

Reid has already admitted that they are using the war to gain seats in 2008, so this is not surprising:

Democratic Senate leaders knew going into Wednesday's procedural roll call on their proposal to withdraw most U.S. forces from Iraq that they didn't have the votes to win, but victory wasn't their goal.

Instead, the Democrats forced the Senate into a marathon 19-hour debate as a way of putting pressure on Republicans for their continued support of President Bush's Iraq policy, which polls show is opposed by large majorities of the American public.

And the Democrats used the publicity they knew their talkathon would generate to spotlight a small group of Republican senators up for re-election in 2008 who haven't yet split with Bush over the war and whose seats are prime Democratic targets.

Here's something Reid might want to keep in mind the next time he calls for an all-nighter for political motives and sends out cares packages to make a political statement:
I read that Harry Reid sent care packages to the Republican Senators including toiletries with a yellow ribbon and a note that said, "bring our troops home." To say that irritated me is an understatement. Sen. Reid was making a mockery of our real support for our troops. I have 1200 marines that could have used those care packages.

Hey, Harry! Why don't you support our troops and send some of that our way? Suggestion to Republican Senators that received Harry's generous gift, go to Soldiers' Angels Donate and send them to the Marines!