Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Black Friday Comptuter Bargains

Looking for a new computer but only have $200 to spend? Believe it or not you could actually get something with that $200. Best Buy is offering a desktop for that price, it's not fancy but you could use it to surf the web:

If you decide to brave the battlefield at Best Buy this year, you'll be rewarded with an opportunity to grab an eMachines PC with a 17 inch LCD monitor for the super low price of $200. Don't expect the world though. The PC is rumored to be powered by an Intel Celeron running at 2.66 Ghz (meaning no efficient and powerful 'Core' for you), comes with 512 megabytes of RAM (which is the bare minimum for doing just about anything on a computer these days), has a measly 80 Gigabyte hard drive, and it has no DVD burner.
I hope that it came with XP and not Vista because I don't think this computer sounds powerful enough for Vista.

Two other options are an Eee laptop from Asus and a gPC at Walmart which both run the Linux operating system. The Eee is between $200 and $400 and the gPC doesn't have a monitor but it's only $200. If all you do with your computer is surf the Internet, this could probably be a cheap solution.