Thursday, November 15, 2007

Great American God-Out!

I have been so busy with seminary that I almost forgot to post on the Great American God-Out! It's a day when we should live "as if there is no God." We would have to pretend wouldn't we? Isn't that what they are saying, "as if?"

THE GREAT AMERICAN GOD-OUT is a newly demarcated holiday wherein like "The Great American Smokeout"* individuals are encouraged to combine their supportive efforts to help prevent and cure disease. Even if just for one day--people will live as as if there is no god; people will live as if there only exists the goodness of self and others to sustain healthy living!

Because we all know there is a God but one day of the year let's live "as if" there isn't one.

So, how will you be spending your day apart from God? I've already blown it because I acknowledged him when I work up this morning by thanking him for getting me up early and I thanked him for getting me to school early and during my prayer group time, I praised and thanked him and went to him in prayer. Plus, I listened to a lecture on his church during the time of Ambrose. And when I get home today, I have to prepare for a Bible study tomorrow on Revelation 22. So, I think my day is too saturated with thoughts of the Creator of the universe and his word to ignore his existence as the atheists would have us do.

But even if I had remembered, my heart wouldn't have been in it because I know that the God of the universe sustains us and if he ceased to exist, so would we.