Thursday, November 01, 2007

"Heroes" spin-off casualty of the strike

I wonder if writers of the spin-off voted for the strike.

Fears of a writers strike might already have contributed to a decision NBC made Wednesday to pull the highly anticipated spinoff miniseries of its hit "Heroes" from a midseason launch.

NBC declined comment, but "Heroes: Origins" is not going to get its six-episode run, which was expected to start as early as late April. While NBC Entertainment co-chair Ben Silverman hasn't officially canceled the spinoff, producers of the series have been given no indication of when it might get a spot on the schedule.
I'm just a little ticked off that they've called the strike. Do they think they can dump us and then expect us to come back as if nothing had happened? What if we find something else to do with our time? Maybe we'll use that time to read more blogs or read books or go to the movies.

And I refuse to watch any more reality shows (except for the ones I'm already watching -- Kid Nation, Biggest Loser and the Amazing Race which starts this week end). I'm getting a little sick of reality shows. I was really enjoying the new shows this season. I love "Samantha Who?" Christina Applegate is funny and lovely and charming. It's not the typical stupid comedy, it's thoughtful and doesn't go for the cheap laugh. And I love the premise of a woman who can't remember anything about her life trying to start over again, trying to become a new person.

I've also enjoyed watching "Chuck" (which is one of the few shows I can let my daughters watch) and "Journey Man." And if I have to wait to find out what happens to Hiro and to see if Sylar gets his powers back I will not be a happy camper