Sunday, November 04, 2007

"Hillary has all the leadership skills of a weathervane"

Isn't that a great quote? What a perfect analogy! Those are the words of Don Surber who notes a poll on his blog that 71% think that Rudy could beat Hillary, 56% of Democrats think he can as well. Here are the rest of the match ups:

Only 16% said Huckabee can beat her.

Only 34% said Fred can beat her.

Only 37% said Mitt can beat her.

Only 40% said McCain can beat her.

I'm sorry but she has close to a 50% disapproval rating and 50% say they will never vote for her. Do these people realize that? We could put any of these candidates up and they could beat her with those numbers. Clearly, these people don't understand that it doesn't take a liberal to beat a liberal.