Sunday, November 11, 2007

In God We Trust can be on our dollars but not our license plate?

A Reasonable Atheist is upset over this license plate:

Because it mentions God:

Wait. In God We Trust? Um. So.. my tax dollars paid for this? How did this ever make it through into a law without somebody calling out for separation of church and state?
Tax dollars that looks like this?

No one is forcing anyone to buy the plate, there are plenty of other plates to choose from. The money is being used for a good cause:
Specialty license plate supporting senior citizens’ home-delivered meal program provided by Arkansas Senior Citizen’s Centers.
So why would anyone be upset over something that really doesn't effect them at all? It's obvious of course, atheists are theophobic and want God name removed from our public discourse.

Maybe Arkansas should make a plate like this for the atheists:

I wonder which one would be the biggest seller :-)