Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Pat Robertson Endorses Giuliani!!!!

I'm in shock at how pragmatic the religious right has become. That Robertson would endorse a pro-choice, pro-gay candidate is absolutely amazing. It really shows that the war on terror has become the number one issue for Evangelicals like Robertson. I didn't think that Rudy had a chance at this nomination and now I think he might just win.

Pat Robertson, one of the most influential figures in the social conservative movement, announced his support for Rudy Giuliani's presidential bid this morning at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Robertson's support was coveted by several of the leading Republican candidates and provides Giuliani with a major boost as the former New York City mayor seeks to convince social conservatives that, despite his positions on abortion and gay rights, he is an acceptable choice as the GOP nominee.

It also slows any momentum for Mitt Romney within the social conservative movement. Romney had recently secured the backing of conservative stalwarts Paul Weyrich and Bob Jones III -- endorsements that seemed to strengthen his bid to become the electable conservative alternative to Giuliani. Romney had made no secret of his desire for Robertson's endorsement and has to be disappointed this morning.


Follow the link to watch a video of the endorsement.