Friday, November 16, 2007

Reid to the troops: Make due with what you got until February

The troops are doing their job, they're putting their lives on the line and what does Reid do in return? Refuse to fund them and their efforts to fight our enemy. If anyone thought that the Democrats supported the troops, this should end that fantasy. The Democrats just told the military to get lost: "We are going home for a nice Thanksgiving dinner but you won't get your funding because we have to please our base, not do our duty. You'll just have to make due with the money you have until February when the risk of a primary challenger is less and then we'll fund the troops. Maybe, we'll have to see if we feel like it then"

Frustrated by Republican roadblocks, Democrats now plan to sit on President Bush's $196 billion request for war spending until next year—pushing the Pentagon toward an accounting nightmare and deepening their conflict with the White House on the war.

"We're going to continue to do the right thing for the American people by having limited accountability for the president and not a blank check," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.

Senate Republicans on Friday blocked a $50 billion bill by Democrats that would have paid for several months of combat but also would have ordered troop withdrawals from Iraq to begin within 30 days. The measure, narrowly passed this week by the House, also would have set a goal of ending combat in December 2008.


The Pentagon confirms the military will not run out of money until mid February, after which all Army bases would cease operations.

But Defense Secretary Robert Gates said this week that without the money now, drastic steps would have to be taken in anticipation of the shutdown, including plans to freeze contracts and to furlough about 100,000 government employees.

Notices to some union employees would start going out in mid-December, he said.
I hope these union members remember who lost them their job around Christmas time. While the elite enjoy Christmas at home, these workers and the troops will not.

As I wrote this I kept thinking of the line: "Let them eat cake." Same arrogance, same level of compassion, same understanding of the responsibility to those they govern.

Updated: Yeah, I know it should be "do" instead of "due" but someone linked to it and I hate to break the link.

Nevada, if you re-elect this man, you are doing a terrible service to your country.