Saturday, November 17, 2007

Romney Flip-Flops on the Human Life Amendment

Hugh Hewitt absolutely eviscerated National Right To Life Executive Director, David O'Steen on his show over the committee's endorsement of Fred Thompson:

HH: All right, let’s go back…again, that’s bad data on your guys’ part, but I can’t substitute data. I’m just concerned about the Human Life Amendment. You guys could endorse who you want. I just think it was shocking that the group that has led the pro-life movement for the last thirty years has endorsed a candidate who won’t endorse the Human Life Amendment. I mean, I’m just shocked by that.

DO’S: Well, remember, he came back in South Carolina, and said he would not seek to change the platform. But let’s talk about it for a moment. You’d have to change 25-30 votes in the U.S. Senate, defeat 25-30 pro-abortion candidates, or pro-abortion Senators, to get a Human Life Amendment.

HH: So you’re giving up.

DO’S: So…no, we didn’t say we’re giving up, but there’s not going to be a Human Life Amendment in the next presidency.

HH: Well, there’s certainly not going to be a president talking as though it matters. I mean, doesn’t that matter to have a president like Reagan and a president like George W. Bush to at least…

DO’S: Fred Thompson has stated that he believes Roe should be reversed, that he will appoint the kind of judges that will interpret the Constitution according to its text, and we know abortion is not in the text of the Constitution.

HH: Yeah, I know all that stuff.

DO’S: He’s got a strong…

HH: We talk about that stuff every day. That’s why I’m surprised. We talk about that on the show day in and day out, David, and for the National Right To Life, I mean, I like Romney, I like Giuliani, I like Huckabee, I like Fred Thompson. But for the National Right To Life Committee to come out for someone who does not endorse the Human Life Amendment, that just leaves me dumbfounded. What’s the reaction been among your membership?
Well, Hewitt's candidate was gunning for that endorsement and yet he seems to share Thompson's position:
ME: On the issue of abortion I was wondering do you support just the repeal of Roe v. Wade or do you support a human life amendment? What steps are you prepared to take?

ROMNEY: Here’s my view, and that is that the Supreme Court should over time to allow states to have more influence over their decisions on abortion. I am not calling for a nationwide ban of abortion. What I am calling for is for states to have their choice...Not a one size fits all decision by the federal government.
Doesn't that sound like Thompson? That's not from Romney's distant past, that's from March! And here he is from August:
In an interview with a Nevada television station on Tuesday, Romney said Roe. v. Wade should be abolished and vowed to "let states make their own decision in this regard." On Aug. 6, he told ABC's George Stephanopoulos that he supports a human life amendment to the Constitution that would protect the unborn.

"I do support the Republican platform, and I do support that being part of the Republican platform, and I'm pro-life," Romney said in the ABC interview, broadcast days before his victory among conservative Iowa.
So, does he support it or not? Shades of Hillary Clinton!

I think at the next debate the moderator should ask for a show of hands, how many support the human rights amendment and how many think the states should decide. How many hands do you think will go up for both?