Thursday, December 27, 2007

20 hosts gather in Iowa to focus on candidates' border positions

Fred Thompson is going to participate:

Twenty talk show hosts from across the nation are gathering in Des Moines today and tomorrow in a "Talk Radio Row" organized by the Federation for American Immigration Reform that is intended to bring presidential candidates' positions on immigration reform into the spotlight.

FAIR's plans include a forum in which top Democratic and Republican Party presidential contenders, Iowa politicians, and national experts can meet to be interviewed in a talk radio marathon that reflects the growing importance of the immigration debate to the 2008 presidential campaign.

Julie Kirchner, executive director of FAIR, said Republican presidential candidates Ron Paul and Fred Thompson are scheduled to appear, with several other candidates planning to participate in radio interviews by telephone.


A Zogby poll commissioned by the FAIR Congressional Task Force and released to coincide with the Des Moines talk show row suggests support for enforcement of U.S. immigration laws is an issue uniting Iowans of all political persuasions.

The poll, conducted between Nov. 29 and Dec. 1 of likely Democratic and Republican caucus participants, found 84 percent of Iowa Republicans and 60 percent of Democrats support "tightening border security, while increasing enforcement actions against employers who hire illegal immigrants in an effort to convince illegal immigrants to return home."
At least someone is trying to figure out where the candidates stand on these issues. This is a good opportunity for Thompson to highlight the fact that most of his opponents have a very bad record when it comes to illegal immigration.