Saturday, December 22, 2007

Severed pigs heads placed in Jesus's cradle

Sick, very sick:

Two front yard Nativity Scenes had baby Jesus replaced with severed pigs heads. It sounds like something out of a horror movie but it happened at two homes in Northwest Eugene.

"It was disgusting," says resident Shannon Cooper. "We can't even understand where a person would come up with an idea like that." Shannon and her husband Ron are reacting to a severed pigs head. It was an unexpected and unwanted addition to their front yard nativity scene placed in the cradle where a missing baby Jesus was supposed to lay.

Just down the street, David Stahl's family discovered the same thing. "It just makes you sick. it's beyond disgusting," says Stahl.

Police are investigating these as "biased crimes" which are essentially the same as a hate crime because they are targeted at a specific relgion, gender, or race. Lieutenant Scott Fellman of the Eugene Police Department says, "This is a religious display and it's entirely possibly this happened because of that."
The Stahl's put away their creche and the Coopers bought a new Jesus. The vandals have one.