Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Fred Thompson's wife is slimed by Joe Scarborough

So, I was wrong. I thought this was low but compared to what ex-Congressmen Joe Scarborough said it is nothing. He actually implied that Fred Thompson's wife was a stripper: "You think she works the poll pole?" Watch it for yourself:


This guy is vile! I would never listen to his show after a comment like that. How misogynistic! It shows a lack of respect for women and for a fellow Republican. I agree with Michelle Malken, this guy needs to think about how he would react to someone saying that about his wife and he needs to apologize. He also needs to apologize to his wife for fantasizing about another man's wife and then making those thoughts public so that the whole world sees his desire. How embarrassing for her.

I'm really going to have a tough time with this election if they are going to beat up the wives like this. There is no reason for gutter talk in this election. I realize that we can expect this kind of crap from the left but I'm shocked that Thompson is being attacked from the right in such an obnoxious and juvenile manner (they sounded like a couple of middle schoolers who have never been on a date and wouldn't know what to do if a girl talked to them).

BTW, this was MSNBC's replacement for the misogynist they just fired -- Don Imus. Good job, guys.