Sunday, June 10, 2007

George Will calls Fred Thompson and his supporters stupid

In so many words. Not only is Will's column an attack against Thompson but against us as well. We like Thompson because we don't know any better. We think just because he's an actor that means he's just like Reagan and we're too stupid to realize that there was depth to Reagan that Thompson lacks. Reagan had principles and sincerity but Thompson's an actor, he can fake sincerity and we're falling for it.

Sorry, we're not as dumb as we look. We understand that he isn't Reagan but we also understand that he is the only true conservative in the top tier. McCain is a party of one and can't be trusted, Romney has changed too many core principles too close to running and Giuliani isn't even pretending. If we want someone even close to Reagan, he's it.

Bush has shown conservatives that we can't afford to get someone in the White House who isn't a true conservative. We need someone who will fight to shrink the size of government and will cut spending. Thompson's past voting recored supports his current rhetoric. He wants to reform government and we all know that it needs to be reformed. Both the left and the right agree on this. Didn't Pelosi promise reform? Now that she isn't delivering it maybe the left is ready for someone who will.

While reading Will's column I kept thinking that Thompson's voting record undermined the points that Will was making. Thompson voted as a fiscal and social conservative who was clearly a federalist. That Will didn't address Thompson's record or the policies he's been advocating on ABC radio and on the Internet, demonstrates how unfair this attack was.

Those of us who remember how the press attacked Reagan may recognize some of the tactics used in Will's column. I found that a little ironic.