Monday, June 11, 2007

Never a dull moment at Reformed Chicks!

On the one hand we gave offense by just doing what we want to do, posting what we want to post and being judged for it by a member of the Sanhedrin of the Reformed Blogosphere and on the other hand we are Editor's pick at Newsbusters! (Thanks!!) All in a day's work.

BTW, check this out. I think Newsweek might want to hire a couple Christian editors.

OOPs, almost forgot to include Calvin's words:

However, because we see weak preachers running away from persecution, not wishing to suffer any conflict for the Lord Jesus Christ, bending and compromising only in order to enjoy peace in this world, we must pay all the more attention to Paul’s warning here, and discern who are the true servants of Jesus Christ. They are people who have no thought for their own profit, who do not seek the applause of men, nor the best fare, nor the honours of this world. They are content just simply to do their duty, without concerning themselves about the kind of wind that is blowing, be it a tempest or whirlwind, or be it calm, as long as they profit their hearers and maintain the doctrine that has been committed to them in all purity.
I think this can be stretched to Reformed Chicks :-)