Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Back to Blogging

I have kind of been on a blogging hiatus, not for any particular reason, just thought I would read for a while instead.

By reading I mean, blog reading. Now that I have my Google reader set up, every time I turn on the computer, there is so much more to read! While I love Google reader, it is like going down a rabbit hole. I don't come back for hours! (Psst, don't tell my husband. He thinks I'm folding laundry).

Now you have it, the truth of why I have not posted since last month. Aside from the fact that we did go on a family vacation to the Catskills and I did not bring my laptop.

One of the blog's I visited today made me shake my head.

It' s the Conservative GrapeVine and guess what article got the most hits today? Not something political, oh no.

It was the hot picture of Mariah Carey in a bikini!

Come on guys, wipe the drool from your mouths!

BTW, I did NOT view the picture, a woman who is trying to lose 20 pounds does not need the discouragement.