Friday, July 06, 2007

Burger King is bowing to pressure

Ugh! They are about to wreck their fries just like Wendy's and McDonald:

Burger King said Friday it will use trans-fat-free cooking oil at all its U.S. restaurants by the end of next year, following in the footsteps of other leading fast-food restaurants.

The world's second largest hamburger chain said it was already using zero trans-fat oil in hundreds of its more than 7,100 U.S. restaurants nationwide.

Burger King is known for its flame-broiled burgers, but uses cooking oil for its french fries and most of its chicken products.

In tests, consumers determined that more than a dozen items cooked in the new oil, such as french fries and hash browns, tasted the same or better than products cooked in the trans-fat oil, the company said.

Miami-based Burger King Corp. said two trans-fat-free oil blends passed tests. If adequate supply becomes available, the U.S. rollout of the oils could be completed sooner than 2008, the company said.

Trans fats are listed on food labels as partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. They can raise bad cholesterol and lower healthy cholesterol, increasing the risk of heart disease, doctors say.

Critics have said Burger King was taking too long to move toward the healthier oils. The Washington-based Center for Science in the Public Interest sued Burger King in May, saying the company was moving too slowly and had failed to set a definite timetable for removal of trans fats.

In response to the lawsuit, Burger King said in May it expected to begin the national rollout its new zero trans-fat oil by the end of this year.
I don't believe their propaganda about taste. Now the only good place for fries in this area is Chick-fil-A! I actually go to Wendy's to buy a cheeseburger and then drive over to Chick-fil-A to buy fries because I hate the Wendy's fries. I used to love them until they changed their oil and now they usually taste burnt or have an aftertaste. Yech! Please,Chick-fil-A don't mess with your yummy fries! Don't let the food fascists make you do it!