Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bush makes a 13 year-old girl cry

Oh the poor thing!

A question for President Bush on immigration rose up like a ghost from the grave this afternoon in Ohio.

Only the questioner was a 13-year old blonde-headed girl, Jessica Hackerd, from Brecksville, Ohio, who immediately broke into tears after making her inquiry.

"Mr. President, I know immigration has been a big problem in the U.S. And what is your next step with the immigration bill?" Jessica asked Mr. Bush, during a question and answer period after a speech Mr. Bush gave to a Cleveland business group.

Mr. Bush's sarcastic reply -- a wry "yeah, thanks" -- drew laughter from the crowd of 400. But the attention caused young Jessica, who characterized herself in an interview afterward as very shy, to immediately tear up.

"No, it's a great question. No, I appreciate that," Mr. Bush said, as he saw Jessica's reaction.

He invited her and her family backstage to make up for it. At least when he makes a teenager cry he feels bad about it.


Since I've been getting hits on this article, I want to make myself clear. I think that Bush was being a jerk and he shouldn't have let the bitterness of his lost battle over immigration cause him to lose control of his tongue (I know, what control? ha ha) and answer sarcastically to a teenage girl. He has girls, he should have remembered how sensitive they can be. I did note that he clearly felt bad about it afterward, I should have mentioned that he was jerk for doing it.