Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Joe Biden needs a dictionary

Epiphanies are a Christian thing?

Let me say something that I'm going to be reminded of I am sure again and again and again. Having been here for 34 years you should not make statements I am about to make lightly. But I am reminded of it by the comments made about Cambodia. This --we have a "sell by" date. You know when you buy milk, it says "sell by by a certain date" or it turns sour. There's a sell by date here folks, for us to change policy, because if we do not change policy in a radical way in this calender year I believe we will be left with one of two alternatives. We either have a chance now to change policy and maybe salvage, maybe salvage a circumstance in Iraq where as we gradually leave we will not have traded a dictator for chaos and possibility of a regional war. That's alternative one. I think the alternative two is Saigan revisited. We will be lifting American personnel off the roofs of buildings in the Green Zone if we do not change policy and pretty drastically. Because not a single person in here knows anything about the military who can tell me that they think there is any possibility of us sustauining 160,000 forces in Iraq this time next year.

What my friend from Arizona did not say about this: Leading generals in the military say straightforwardly we are breaking --let me emphasize that-- breaking the United States military. Breaking thethe United States military. We have fewer, put it another way, we have more professionally trained Academy graduates like my friend from Arizona leaving the military after five years than we have any time in the last 30 plus years. The cream of the crop are being broken by this failed, failed policy in Iraq and what's worse is not that its a failed policy but its impervious to recommendations made by the most informed people in both political parties inside and outside the government. The polical solution is somehow the Iraqis will have an epiphany --I know Muslims don't have epiphanies, that's a Christian thing-- will have an epiphany and all of sudden they are going to get together, realizing what's stake and form this unity government that can deliver.
BTW, Hewitt has the refutation of Bidens claim about the West Point graduates here.