Monday, July 02, 2007

Why video the destruction of an iPhone?

Oh. my. heck. It breaks my heart:


BTW, it looks like the iPhone is pretty sturdy, they have to exert some effort to destroy it.

What's the point? To demonstrate your wealth? To protest capitalism and materialism? No, it was to see how it works (for some reason they were under time constraints). They were trying to find out who made the WIFI card and who helped with the graphical display. They didn't find out.


I should have kept looking at videos because the iPhone smasher goes on to say that they actually bought the iPhone (I thought they stole it) and that they wanted to be the first to open it and see what they could find and then make a deal based on that.

Updated again:I showed Sarah, my 15-year-old daughter, the video.
"Hey, Sarah check out this video. They're destroying an iPhone."
"They wanted to see what was in it?"
"Here's the video of the guy who did it explaining why."
"Uck, nerd!"
"Well, yeah."