Sunday, November 04, 2007

13 year-old who ran off with his teacher was an illegal alien

It's amazing that this has turned into an illegal immigration story. I bet this kid regrets running off with his teacher because he is now unable to return to America:

A 13-year-old student with whom a middle school teacher is accused of fleeing to create a romantic life in the boy's native Mexico may be required to stay there.

An illegal immigrant while residing in the United States, 13-year-old Fernando Rodriguez may not be able to return to the rural Nebraska town where he was an eighth-grader.

Kelsey Peterson, 25, and Rodriguez were taken into custody without incident after the boy's relatives told police he had called home asking for money, leading investigators to a shopping mall in the border city of Mexicali on Friday.

Peterson, a sixth-grade math teacher and basketball coach at Lexington Middle School, fled with the boy after police began investigating whether the pair had an intimate relationship, authorities said. Court documents said the boy was last seen Oct. 26.


Peterson was turned over to the FBI early Saturday. The boy was turned over to relatives in Mexicali because he was an illegal immigrant in the United States and was not allowed to return, Arenas said.
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