Saturday, November 10, 2007

Husband gets tattoo of his wife then discovers she is having affair

How sad! And what a jerk the wife is for letting her husband go through all that.

After 15 happy years with his wife, Alan Jenkins decided it was time for the ultimate expression of love.

So, determined to prove his devotion, he had a lifesize image of her face - along with those of their two daughters - tattooed on his back.

The painful procedure took 20 hours and cost £870.

Unfortunately for the besotted Alan, it also backfired on a monumental scale after Lisa, 36, absconded with a 25-year-old Latvian hunk she had met at work.


"Lisa may have left me but she'll be on my back forever thanks to the tattoo," he said.

"But I've still got plenty of room on my chest if I get hooked up again.

And this is what it's like to be married in the 21-century. Welcome to the brave new world where the wife hooks up with a much younger man and waits to move in with him when her husband moves out. I wouldn't be surprised if the boyfriend eventually hooked up with the older daughter.