Saturday, November 03, 2007

McConnell: One of the Democratic leaders suggested Mukasey

The post an Mukasey elicited this response from an anonymous commenter (of course, do we get any other kind):

when republicans block legislation it's because they are standing by their principles. when democrats do it, they're obstructionist. when democrats try to move bipartisan legislation and bush vetoes it, it's somehow the democrats' fault that bush won't deal.

why should we expect anything different from a boy-king who had always gotten what he wanted or he'd throw a little tantrum.

i very much doubt that bush's powerless threat had any affect on schumer's decision. based on bush's record of picking from the field of cronies, incompetents, losers, and criminals to fill his administration, the congress should be highly skeptical. the president is morally bankrupt.

how lame your assumptions.
Here's what McConnell had to say about this:
“Let's just go back to the beginning on Mukasey.

“Our Democratic colleagues said we needed a new attorney general, so we got a new attorney general.

“They said there needed to be a bipartisan consultation. The president engaged in bipartisan consultation. One of the Democratic leaders, in fact, suggested Judge Mukasey and the president nominated Judge Mukasey.
Bush reaches out to Democrats to get a candidate that they would confirm and then he's slapped in the face yet again.

The commenter evidently is either blind or ignorant. I guess BDS makes it hard to see the truth. He/she may want to get that checked out by a doctor.