Sunday, November 11, 2007

Update:"Back to You" a casualty of the strike?

I have been getting commenters on this post about the "Back to You" sitcom who say that the show has not been canceled. Here's what was reported in the AP:

Sitcoms that will stop the cameras include "Back to You," starring Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton, which will not return from a planned hiatus, said Chris Alexander, a spokesman for 20th Century Fox Television.
And here are the comments:
shadowbarry:It's NOT a "casualty" of the season. The showrunners CHOSE to strike after telling the entire crew of their decision. And more power to them. Fox will continue to air the new episodes as well as reruns. And it's still scheduled to air after Amercian Idol in Jan. So that's not a cancellation either. It's a postponement. By choice. I know this because I am a member of the crew.

SomeoneWithInfo: It was NOT cancelled. The press worded the situation wrong and it's' been spreaking around the net that it was cancelled. FILMING was cancelled - NOT the show.
Anonymous commenters or the MSM, who do you trust is right? Hmmmm...decisions, decisions!