Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Democrats lose in Ohio and Virginia

OOPS! I thought the country was tired of Republicans and wanted to kick them out:

Republicans maintained control of both congressional seats that were up for grabs in special elections Tuesday in Ohio and Virginia, disappointing Democrats who had hoped to extend their gains in the House.

In Ohio, a state representative defeated a Democrat making her third run for the seat. And in Virginia, a first-term state legislator easily won.

Both elections were to fill seats left vacant by deaths. Jo Ann Davis, who had represented a southeastern Virginia district for seven years, died of breast cancer in October. Rep. Paul Gillmor, first elected in a northwest Ohio district in 1988, died in a fall in September.

The winners of both races will complete the terms of Gillmor and Davis.

Democrats, who won control of the House last year 233-202, had hoped to benefit from the low turnout typical of special elections.
BTW, Ohio was supposed to be a "bellwether" for the country:
“An Ohio congressional election on Tuesday has become a dress rehearsal for the 2008 elections, drawing big campaign bucks from Washington and big Ohio political names to the district.”

“Gov. Ted Strickland, a Democrat, got 55 percent of the district’s vote in 2006. Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown won by a narrower margin.”

“‘I think it’s a bellwether for Ohio and a bellwether for the country,’ agrees the dean of Ohio’s Democratic congressional delegation, Marcy Kaptur of Toledo, who backs Weirauch.” (Cleveland Plain Dealer, 12/9/07)
So, with these results, I wonder what's going to happen in 2008?