Sunday, December 02, 2007

How does an $800 mil surplus demonstrate conservative principles?

OK, this is my last post on Huckabee but I couldn't resist this:

Though Huckabee took strong stands against abortion and same-sex marriage, his record on taxes -- a key pillar of Republican orthodoxy -- was distinctly heterodox. He supported tax hikes on cigarettes, gasoline, groceries, sales and income. A video circulating on YouTube -- and played, in part, on the CNN-YouTube Republican debate Wednesday -- shows Huckabee addressing the Arkansas Legislature in 2003 and suggesting that he would be open to raising a broad range of taxes.


In a phone interview, Huckabee, 52, asserted that he left Arkansas a stronger state when term limits forced him out of office in January -- with improved highways, more accountable schools, low unemployment, and an $800-million budget surplus. He also stood by his conservative credentials.
Someone should tell Huckabee to leave the surplus out of his list of accomplishments if he wants to tout his conservative credentials because any conservative knows that a surplus means the taxpayers overpaid.

BTW, I thought his "I drink a different kind of Jesus juice," was pretty disrespectful. Not a way that I would talk about my relationship to the King of kings and the Lord of glory.