Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ed Rollins: Huckabee's the next Reagan

What???? Sheesh! That's just ridiculous and an insult to Reagan:

Calling Huckabee "the next Reagan," Ed Rollins joined Huckabee's campaign team Friday as national campaign chairman and advisor.

"I've looked for a long time to find a candidate similar to [Reagan]. Mike Huckabee impresses on me as that kind of candidate," said Rollins, who ran Reagan's 1984 campaign, winning all but Mondale's home state of Minnesota, in Concord, N.H. "There's a lot of people running around talking about the Reagan days and who's the next Reagan. I was with the old Reagan, and I can promise you this man comes as close to anyone to filling those shoes and having that ability to communicate."

Speaking at a Holiday Inn, Rollins added Huckabee has more than just support from Christian conservatives in Iowa. "What Mike has had is an ability to connect with people," he said. "His message is an upbeat message, a message not of negativism, not a message of Wall Street, not a message of Washington. It's a message about, ‘I understand your problems. I've governed a small state with lots of problems.’ Certainly, that's what has great appeal here."
Would Reagan propose a national ban on smoking? Wouldn't anti-Communist Reagan know what was going on in Cuba and would he flip-flop on the issue just to get elected (and admit that he was doing it)? Would he say that CEOs' pay should be regulated (even as a last resort)? Would Reagan speak negatively about the current economy? Would Reagan have called Bush arrogant? Would Reagan agree with Huckabee's position on free trade?

Would Reagan ever say this:

"Profound thanks" for taxes? Yeah, I could see Reagan saying that.