Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Redstate Editor Endorses Fred

I guess this isn't a surprise:

My emphasis in this and other writings when it comes to political discussions has been on policy. I want a candidate who espouses small government, federalism, free markets, free trade, a brave and unabashed message of capitalism and consequential, weighty and creative solutions to the many foreign policy and national security dilemmas facing the United States.

That's why I am supporting Fred Thompson for President.

Start with the issue of policy substance. Thompson has loads of it, as this editorial makes clear. Thompson has made detailed and specific proposals concerning the issue of entitlement reform, oftentimes in the face of overwhelming and widespread political fears that to mention the need for entitlement reforms is to kiss one's chances at electability goodbye. There is something refreshing about a candidate for President willing to risk his electoral chances to speak some hard policy choices and Thompson is to be commended for his bravery. As the editorial makes clear, Thompson has also presented innovative and intellectually rigorous ideas concerning immigration and the size of the nation's military. The Adam Smith Institute comes out with justified praise for Thompson's tax plan and notes that Thompson has a very interesting and original idea on how the United States could be transitioned to a flat tax system. Anything would be better than the current "progressive" scheme and Thompson is one of the few Republican candidates who has come out with a workable alternative tax system for the United States to adopt.

Indeed, as a general matter, it should be noted--as many have said--that when it comes to policy discussions, Thompson is clearly intellectually and substantively prepared to wade into the deep end of the pool. Moreover, Thompson clearly enjoys serious and intense policy discussions and is a genuine wonk. Thompson intellectual approach to policy issues will lead to a more refined and successful decision-making process if he should be elected President. Contrast this most especially with Huckabee, who resembles, for all of his silver-tongued eloquence, a drowning man when conversations get excessively substantive. The choice between these two candidates should be and is no choice at all. Thompson is simply one of the most intellectually impressive candidates on either side. Policy wonks like me appreciate and respect his serious attitude to substance and the issues and such seriousness is in great demand given the policy challenges we face.