Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rush on the attack against Huckabee

I'm not surprised that Rush has start attacking Huckabee since he is so liberal on all the issues except social issues. I guess Rush was hoping not to get involved but he must have realized if he didn't, we would be stuck with eight years of Clinton (Rush knows that Huckabee would have lost the election because he's not ready for prime time):

Rush Limbaugh, still the most listened-to talk radio host on the planet, has taken to calling Huckabee the "Huckster." Not even Mitt Romney, in his most profane of moments, goes there.

Limbaugh theorizes that the media is rooting for Huckabee because they know he's the kiss of death in the general election. And he has compared Huckabee unfavorably to Jimmy Carter -- as a snake oil salesman in Southern Baptist garb who later sold his soul to liberals.

If you are a fiscal and national security conservative, then Huckabee would not be a good choice. He is clearly liberal on both of those issues (his speech on national defense sounds exactly like Obama wrote it).