Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Senior al-Qaeda leader killed in Iraq

A Syrian al-Qaeda leader! What? They have real al-Qaeda in Iraq not just Iraqis pretending to be al-Qaeda? Who knew? Certainly not Reid or Pelosi (according to their rhetoric):

The regions around Samarra and Tarmiyah in Salahadin province continues to be a flashpoint for raids against senior al Qaeda operatives and propaganda cells. US forces have confirmed killing a senior Syrian al Qaeda leader near the city, and another media cell was dismantled in the city. As the US targets al Qaeda's media operations, al Furqan released two new products over the past several days, including a tape by Abu Omar al Baghdadi.
Meanwhile, it looks like they al-Qaeda is targeting members of Awakening Councils:
In highlights of the speech, Baghdadi announces the formation of a new brigade, “Al Siddiq Brigades” to fight every “apostate and traitor”, and additionally announces an attack that will end on ... January 29, 2008. ... This attack involves bombings aimed at the “apostates” and members of Awakening Councils."