Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Thompson; “I consider good gun control as a real steady aim”

I love that quote! Thompson appears to be completely energized and ready to engage the issues.

"I'm not sure where some of these other guys are. When I read that Mr. Huckabee believes that if we played nice with other people they'd like us, (that) causes me to consider whether he understands the world that we live in."


His key line throughout the last two weeks has been to ask Iowa voters whom they'd want sitting across the negotiating table from the country's worst enemy.

Thompson said al-Qaida remains the biggest threat, and Iran poses the greatest worry for the United States. Thompson said he would not meet with Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad until "he was "seriously convinced they are interested in peace."

Brody noticed a new level of energy and focus:
I write this Tuesday night from Waterloo, Iowa and I just finished attending a Fred Thompson campaign event. Folks, this is a very different Fred Thompson I saw compared to his rollout in September.

The expectations are gone. The slow start is a distant memory. It has been replaced by a much more crisp, energetic, focused stump speech. The crowd seemed more engaged and rowdy and Thompson had the enthusiasm to match.