Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Huckabee didn't realize that he will be crossing the picket line

When he goes on "The Tonight Show."

``My understanding is that there was a special arrangement made for the late-night shows, and the writers have made this agreement to let the late night shows to come back on, so I don't anticipate that it's crossing a picket line,'' Huckabee told reporters traveling with him Wednesday from Fort Dodge to Mason City.

``I support the writers, by the way. Unequivocally, absolutely. They're dead right on this one. And they ought to get royalties off the residuals and the long-term contracts.''

``I don't think anybody supports the producers on this one,'' he added. ``Maybe the producers support the producers, but I think everybody in the business and even the general public supports the writers.''

Told he was mistaken and that writers had cleared only Letterman's show, Huckabee protested: ``But my understanding is there's a sort of dispensation given to the late-night shows, is that right?''

Told again that he was wrong, Huckabee murmured, ``Hmmm,'' and, ``Oh,'' before answering another question.

You're not going to believe this but I don't go looking for these Huckabee stories. I have no interest in bashing him. I really don't think he'll be our next president because I really can't see people thinking he's presidential (I could be wrong because I usually overestimate the wisdom of the electorate :-) But when I see something like this it just makes me laugh and so I have to share it with you guys because it's so funny!